Pointe d’Autigny

Published on 2 May 2005 | by Pierre-Alexandre

Easily accessible, Pointe d'Autigny is the goal of a hike that allows discovering mountain pastures at the foot of Mont Chauffé. The summit offers a splendid panorama on Cornettes de Bise, Mont de Grange, Pointe de Lachau and the Portes d'Oche... Read More

Weather and Climate

Photos of Yvoire in Winter Covered With Ice

Published on 20 January 2005 | by Pierre-Alexandre

Following the cold breeze blowing on 20 January 2005, the banks of Yvoire on Lake Geneva became mere captives of the ice, giving rise to unusual scenes. The wharves of the CGN were prisoners of the ice. The magnificent sculptures of ice, worked... Read More


Chalets de Varan

Published on 7 December 2004 | by Pierre-Alexandre

Aiguille de Varan is one of the main peaks of the Sallanches Valley, offering a magnificent view of the Mont Blanc Massif on one side and the Aravis Range on the other. I propose not to climb it, but to walk to the Refuge de Varan at its base. The itinerary begins at the Plateau d'Assy. A variant... Read More

Weather and Climate

Photos of Lake Geneva under a Strong Wind

Published on 14 November 2004 | by Pierre-Alexandre

Lake Geneva is often calm and conducive to all water sports, but sometimes when the wind is blowing, it offers a completely different aspect as shown in these photos taken on November 14, 2004. The temperature of the air was 4°, and that of... Read More


Lanfonnet and Roc Lancrenaz

Published on 1 November 2004 | by Pierre-Alexandre

The Lanfonnet is the goal of a hike that is much easier than the ascent of its neighbor, Dents de Lanfon and the Tournette. The panorama on Lake Annecy from this mountain is superb. The passage through the Roc Lancrenaz, the only slightly "technical" place as it's equipped with a handrail... Read More

Very Easy

Lac de Roy

Published on 5 September 2004 | by Pierre-Alexandre

I propose here a family walk that will allow you to discover the Alpine meadows of Sommand and Praz-de-lys, as well as of the pretty Lac de Roy. This outing is very easy, since almost flat and short, and will delight young and old alike. The lake is the starting point of several hiking trails, including Pic... Read More

Places I Like

Parc de Merlet (Animal Park)

Published on 14 August 2004 | by Pierre-Alexandre

The Parc de Merlet, located at the entrance of Chamonix, is a magnificent animal park in the heart of a grandiose setting that allows discovering the fauna of the mountains in semi-freedom. The ibex, the king of the mountain, the lively and suspicious chamois... Read More


Aiguillette des Posettes

Published on 27 July 2004 | by Pierre-Alexandre

The itinerary that I propose passes through the Refuge de Balme, Pointe d’Arolette, Tête de Balme, the Col des Posettes, Aiguillette des Posettes, and returns to the parking lot of the cable car. This hike on the Montagne des Posettes offers sumptuous panoramic views over the Glacier du Tour... Read More


Le Pas du Roc

Published on 8 May 2004 | by Pierre-Alexandre

Le Pas du Roc is an easy walk that makes you discover the alpine meadows in the middle of the mountains by means of an unusual path on the cliff side, traced in 1830, which allowed transporting the wood intended for the ovens located in the hamlet of the " Verrerie"... Read More


Pointe d’Angolon via La Bourgeoise

Published on 16 February 2004 | by Pierre-Alexandre

La Bourgeoise constitutes a very easy walk whose summit allows a panoramic view of the Mont Blanc Massif, Mont Buet, and the Aravis Range. In the summer, La Bourgeoise is a popular site for paragliding. Pointe d'Angolon, placed opposite, allows climbing a little and better observe Dents... Read More

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