Photos of Lake Geneva Covered With Ice

    6 February 2012 | by Pierre-Alexandre

    Here is another aspect of Lake Geneva. These photos, taken on January 20, 2005, show the area around the lake after 6 days of freezing winds, blowing with gusts at 100 km/h, with temperatures not exceeding

    Effects of Climate Change on Trient Glacier

    28 April 2008 | by Pierre-Alexandre

    An illustration of the acceleration of global warming at work… On April 28, 2007, we chose the Trient Glacier as a hiking goal in order to rediscover this marvelous site that allows reaching a beautiful glacier. Very beautiful glacier, but for how long? We

    Photos of Yvoire in Winter Covered With Ice

    20 January 2005 | by Pierre-Alexandre

    Following the cold breeze blowing on 20 January 2005, the banks of Yvoire on Lake Geneva became mere captives of the ice, giving rise to unusual scenes. The wharves of the CGN were prisoners of the ice. The magnificent sculptures of ice, worked

    Photos of Lake Geneva under a Strong Wind

    14 November 2004 | by Pierre-Alexandre

    Lake Geneva is often calm and conducive to all water sports, but sometimes when the wind is blowing, it offers a completely different aspect as shown in these photos taken on November 14, 2004. The temperature of the air was 4°, and that of

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