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The mountains of the Aosta Valley are internationally famous and offer many picturesque hikes. Indeed, this region of Italy has an incredible number of peaks over 4000 m in altitude, including Mont Blanc (4810 m), the Matterhorn (4487 m) and Mont Blanc de Courmayeur (4784 m), which are a delight for climbers. The hiker in search of spectacular landscapes will go to the Val Vény or Val Ferret northeast of Courmayeur where he can spend the night at the Refuge Bonatti (2056 m) and enjoy a magnificent sunrise on the Grandes Jorasses (4208 m) before climbing to the Tête-Entre-Deux-Sauts (2729 m).

Lake Licony and Col de Licony

11 August 2023 | by Pierre-Alexandre

Located in the Val d'Aosta near Courmayeur, Lake Licony is one of the largest natural lakes in the region. Nestling in a basin, the changing colours in the sunlight transform Lake Licony into a veritable jewel. The route I propose continues to the Col de Licony,

Lago di Pietra Rossa

21 June 2017 | by Pierre-Alexandre

Located in the heart of the Aosta Valley, Lago Pietra Rossa culminates at 2553 meters above sea level at the end of the Vallon d'Arpy. Stuck between Becca Pugnenta in the northeast and Mont Cormet in the southwest, the lake remains

Lago d’Arpy

20 June 2017 | by Pierre-Alexandre

Lago d'Arpy is a lake of glacial origin located in the Vallon d'Arpy, near the eponymous col. Lago d'Arpy, surrounded by Mont Charvet, Becca Pugnenta and Mont Cormet, offers a spectacular view of the Grandes Jorasses, which, when the water is calm in the morning, is reflected in

Bivouac du Petit Mont Blanc

2 August 2006 | by Pierre-Alexandre

Let's go to Italy in the Val Veny to do an outing that will stay in your mind forever: the Petit Mont Blanc Bivouac (or Rifugio Rainetto). The starting altitude (1,670 m) and the finish at 3,047 m at the Petit Mont Blanc Bivouac set the scene. If the hike starts on a good paved road to the Lac de Combal, it is

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