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I found that my site lacked an additional category to cover everything that revolves around hiking, including equipment, itinerary recommendations, various tools useful for hiking, etc. This is now a reality with this blog page! I will try to publish articles on a regular basis about the different aspects of hiking. These articles can be equipment tests, advice on phone applications, recommendations of sites to visit, etc. Feel free to send me your comments or remarks below each blog post or by sending me a message through the contact form.

What are the Best Hikes around Geneva?

11 September 2019 | by Pierre-Alexandre

You live in Geneva or you are only visiting for a few days and you want to go hiking? The summits surrounding the town of Calvin offer magnificent panoramic views of Lake Geneva, the Jura and many of the peaks of Haute-Savoie. In this article

What are the Best Weather Apps for Hiking?

1 September 2019 | by Pierre-Alexandre

Have you found the hike you want to do this weekend? Perfect! All you need to do is prepare yourself and put all the necessary things in your backpack for your trip. Among the essential steps in preparing your hike, it is crucial to check

The 5 Best Hikes in Chamonix

3 August 2019 | by Pierre-Alexandre

Ah, Chamonix... the simple evocation of the name of the most famous city in the Alps awakens in each of us a palette of varied representations. The Olympic Games, skiing, hiking, Mont Blanc, mountaineering, climbing... It's not really my habit to publish blog articles,

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